Data middleware for building custom analytics applications.

Push events using simple JSON and use Joola's SDK and REST API to embed a full analytics solution.

Focus on developing your product and and let Joola worry about offering data analytics for your users.

Joola was designed by developers for developers. We did the heavy-lifting with all that is data and framework related, so you can focus on your product development, this is what makes Joola so easy and fun to play with.


Designed to work with existing data stores such as MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Hadoop and more.


From your workstation to a full cloud-based cluster, Joola is designed to scale.


Offer secure analytics for your users using Joola's multi-tenancy, single-sign-on and roles.

On Any Device

Embed analytics seamlessly within your website or application, Joola uses HTML5, CSS and JS.

DevOps Friendly

Easy configuration, seamless deployment, zero downtime architecture and more goodies.

Open Source

Developed for and maintained by the open source community at GitHub