Joola Smart Solutions Ltd. (Joola) specialize in working with technology firms and IT organizations in the emerging technologies such as Web 2.0, SaaS, Cloud, Open-source, BI/DW, Mobility, Automation, DevOps and Big Data.

Our clients include software product firms, SaaS firms, e-commerce organizations and e-business organizations.

Joola engages with its clients in a range of collaborative, white-box engagement models that includes extended teams, turn-key project and professional staffing.

We recognize that depending on your stage of growth and your business model, your needs are different. For start-up and early-stage firms, we assist with pre- and post-funding product development and deployment for both B2B and B2C software firms. This enables us to help our clients lower time-to-market, lower cost-of-delivery and leverage our experience of product life-cycle best-practices – while building a foundation for world class engineering organization. For mid-stage and late stage firms, we offer core product life-cycle services such as new product development, maintenance/support, QA/testing, managed services, re-engineering and others. Besides the product engineering lifecycle, we also offer a range of services for the Professional Services and Product Support organizations.

Joola is led by an entrepreneurial management team that believes in execution, outcome, continuous learning and work+life balance.

Joola is privately-held with offices in Israel.

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We want to make it super-easy for Joola users and contributors to talk to us and connect with each other, to share ideas, solve problems and help make Joola awesome. Here are the main channels we're running currently, we'd love to hear from you on one of them:

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