Read about our quest for the holy data grail.

tests vs. code, 4-6

I remember a few years back I checked our SQLite as part of this project and was surprised to read that 80% of their code base was tests, it was amazing for me how much effort they've placed into their tests.

Our npm build system

Here at Joola we already rely heavily on Travis CI to manage our CI cycle, we use it to build and test the code and upon certain conditions deploy it to target environments. Travis uses a predefined set of steps to build and test our code, since we're using Node.JS, it will execute npm install and npm test (by default) to build and test our code. Up to a few weeks ago, our project had a Makefile containing the different steps needed to build and test the code. But this wasn't a clean process and didn't offer the flexibility we wished to have to run multiple-scenario tests.

Here's an example of the npm test process:

Packing Joola with

We've used to publish Joola as packages for Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS and we wanted to share our reasoning behind offering Joola as a packaged downloadable and our experience with Spoiler alert: it took us less than 10 minutes, worked on the first time and was overall awesome!

The 155th star

Whoopee, we reached the 155th star on our GitHub repo.

Migrating to GitHub pages

That's it, we've decided to move to GitHub pages to host Joola's content. Up until now we've had several different outlets, all maintained at different levels: website, documentation site (under, Wiki, API documentation (under apiary) and more.