The current release of Joola is 0.9.0. The planned roadmap for Joola is divided into two:

  1. Short term: a series of planned releases - adding specific, mostly incremental features, tweaks and bug fixes to the core platform
  2. Longer term: an approximate schedule for new components and capabilities - setting out priorities and approximate timings for all-new Joola components and other ambitious new developments

We discuss each of these in turn below.

Short-term: planned releases

In this section we list out the series of 'point' releases (0.x, 0.y etc) that we have planned. This list is accurate as of early March 2014 - but we always recommend browsing the list of Open Milestones on our main GitHub repository.

Warning: we may change this schedule as new priorities are identified and the community feedsback on our current plans. If you are particularly interested in a given task being completed per schedule (or even accelerated), please 'vote' for the ticket by leaving a "+1" comment or similar on the relevant ticket.

The planned releases are as follows:

Release Tickets Objective(s)
0.10 See GitHub Realtime analytics and complete the grid dispatch and hot swap caching
0.12 See GitHub Add data source connectors and additional visualizations, UI features
0.14 See GitHub New features

Longer-term: approximate schedule

In this section we set out an approximate map of the new components and capabilities we want to add to joola, segmented by sub-system and by time (aka priority).

Warning: this schedule is approximate, and the items on it are subject to change. If you are interested in a specific functionality listed here, feel free to Contact us to find out more about its likely path-to-release.

The longer-term schedule of major developments is approximately as follows: